$GANJA Farm Staking Guide
A step-by-step guide to staking on the $GANJA Farm is a collection of designers and devs who love the sweet leaf, it only makes sense that we start farming $GANJA to earn dope art.

What is the $GANJA farm?

The $GANJA farm is a BSC-based NFT farm where you can stake your $GANJA tokens to earn rare and unique NFT art and goodies.
There will be frequent drops of new collections and art on the farm every week. We will tweet and share when a new item is added.

How does the farm work?

Once you stake your $GANJA you will start to accumulate points which you can then use to redeem NFTs from the farm. NFT’s may have different points values depending on rarity, quantity, and collections.
All NFT drops on the $GANJA farm will be limited in quantity to no more than 15, with the majority being only 5 or 10 mints ever made.