3. Unstaking your $GANJA
Step-by-step guide to staking on the $GANJA Farm

⚠️ Remember, 4.20% of each $GANJA transaction is rolled up in the community fund - this also applies when you stake $GANJA.

👉🏽 Be aware that your staked $GANJA balance does not reflect the 4.20% sent to the community wallet - meaning if you staked 10 $GANJA you have 9.58 $GANJA remaining to unstake.

You will receive an error if you attempt to unstake the full amount reflected in your staked balance. Multiply your Staked balance by *.958 to get the actual balance which you can unstaked

    To unstake your $GANJA select "Staking Options" on $GANJA farm menu and select "Unstake"
2. Take your "Remove Max" balance and multiply the amount by *.958 to get your actual staked balance. Enter your actual staked balance and select "Unstake" to romve
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